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2014 Shanghai Universities Summer Activity “Chinese Martial Art Show”


Nearly half of 2014 Summer Chinese Medicine Course has passed in Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. International Education College of Shanghai University of T.C.M has arranged a variety of colorful activities for international students to experience Chinese culture. "Chinese Martial Arts show  " is one of the most interesting activities for them.

After introduction of the development of Chinese Martial Arts and Factions, the Chinese Martial Art Team shocked the international students with their exquisite skills. Tai Chi, flexible with hard; Double whip, Sword show and so on. All these activities are scenes they have never met before. This team once won the champion in the National University Games.

In the interactive sessions, international students picked out some members from the Martial Art team as their temporary coach, to teach Chinese martial arts. Boys has a keen interest in Southern Fist, while girls prefer soft with just Tai Chi, students like challenging are more interested in handled weapons.

Although students only acquired a recruit a half type in the short time, when they see their posture in the mirror, they are all very excited.

Chinese martial arts show appreciation and experience activity in imperceptible in to a close, but the students are present at all.Finally, students and wushu team athletes have PROM, and exchanged contact way, hope to be able to in a short time in China to study abroad after Chinese culture have the opportunity to further communication.