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Further Step Construction of Internationalized Education


Gao Tianfanghang from SMC CORPORATION was

appointed as the Advisory Professor of SHUTCM

On the morning of 14th September, SHUTCM hosted a reception for Japan SMC Corporation chairman Gao Tianfanghang,Mr. Gao Tianfanghang was appointed as the advisory professor of SHUTCM for expanding the academic exchanges. On behalf of SHUTCM, Zhang Zhiqiang granted Mr. Gao Tianfanghang the appointment certificate.

This cooperation marks a further step in the Internationalized education of Traditional Chinese Medicine in SHUTCM. SHUTCM would welcome more International students and privide them with global standard education in Chinese Medicine.

Mr. Gao Tianfanghang is the president of the world's largest Fortune 500 company specializing in pneumatic components in R & D, manufacturing, and vendors .He not only has excellent business achievement and great learning, but also involved in China’s education and rehabilitation career with great enthusiasm.

In order to increase the exchange and communication, both party promised to continue to work hard for their funding in the cooperative projects of TCM Rehabilitation Research.

This joint funding project of Chinese Rehabilitation Research not only facilitates the exchange between China and Japan, it will also promote the process of rehabilitation project, marking the Internationalization and specialization of School of Rehabilitation Medicine in SHUTCM. SHUTCM is gradually building the sound international education standards as well as trying to full use the overseas resources to make SHUTCM a internationalized university with wide-spread reputation.

(School of Rehabilitation Medicine)