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About Shanghai TCM Museum

Shanghai TCM Museum, the miniature of the profound TCM and TCM Culture, consists of three parts: the medical history museum of Shanghai TCM University/Chinese Medical Association, the specimen room of Chinese herb medicine and the exhibition room of the university history. The Medical History Museum, the earliest and currently the largest TCM-history museum in China founded in July 1938, displays more than 1400 TCM relics from the Stone Age to contemporary time and offers an insight into the historical facts and machievements of TCM development in the last 5000 years. The specimen room of Chinese medicine, founded in 1958, covers more than 1300 items of Chinese herb medicine and disseminates the relevant knowledge. The exhibition room of the university history, founded in 2004, covers more than 700 items involving pictures and objects and shows the development process of Shanghai TCM University since its foundation in 1956. Outside the museum building there is the herbal garden where more than 600 medicinal plants and 320 apricot trees are cultivated, the garden covers an area of 9300 square meters and opened for public in June 2006. The new 3D film show room of the museum completed recently. As the educational base of All-China and Shanghai Municipal Science Popularization. The Museum plays an important role in understanding TCM history, publicizing TCM knowledge and promoting international medical exchange, Shanghai TCM Museum is also Chinese AAA Ntional Tourist Attraction and National Cultural Propaganda Base of TCM.

Open time: 9:00AM - 4:00PM (Tue - Sun)

Telephone: 021-51322710/61322712/51322721

Address: No.1200, Cailun Road, Pudong Shanghai

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