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About the College

Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine(SUTCM),located in Pudong Zhangjiang Hi-tech Park, is a prestigious TCM higher institution in China. Established in 1956 and then known as Shanghai College of Traditional Chinese Medicine,it is one of the earliest TCM higher institutions since the foundation of People’s Republic of China. Shanghai Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine , established in 1984, is united with Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in management. According to Shanghai’s Strategy for Innovative Development, SUTCM is considered as an essential component of the Zhangjiang Pharmaceutical Valley .

SUTCM values quality over scale by giving priority to characteristic disciplines and emphasizing the importance of practical skills. Revolvingaround research and teaching, development of characteristic disciplines andinternational cooperation, SUTCM has a comprehensive system for constantly improving the quality of education, aiming to equip students with not onlyextensive TCM knowledge and practical skills, but also excellent understandingof modern medicine and traditional Chinese culture.

SUTCM has a highly competitive faculty, with academicians from Chinese Academy of Science and Chinese Academy of Engineering, and a number ofnationally or municipally renowned TCM doctors. It is also designated by Ministry of Education as a base for cultivating research and teaching talents in basic sciences, national cultural education base for college students, and national martial art training base for college students. Sinceits establishment, SUTCM has educated numerous TCM professionals, with alumnusnow spreading across the world. At present, SUTCM has 8 colleges, 5 clinical medicine schools, with over 7,000 full-time students, among which over 2,000 are master or doctoral students and more than 1,000 areinternational students.

SUTCM is listed by Ministry of Education as the pilot base for developin ginnovative education model and characteristic disciplines; 3 Level-1disciplines are designated as doctoral degree granting units, including Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chinese Materia Medica, and Integrated Medicine,23 Level-2 disciplines are designated as doctoral degree granting units,andanother 33 Level-2 disciplines as master degree granting units. In addition,there are 3 mobile post-doctoral stations of Level-1 disciplines. All TCMrelated majors offer programs targeting at doctoral degree. Furthermore, thereare also graduate level programs of characteristic disciplines such as TCM nursing featuring integrative medicine, TCM translation,rehabilitationfeaturing integrative medicine, TCM engineering, and Medical ethics. As forundergraduates, the University offers 12 programs leading to bachelor’s degree.

SUTCM has first-rate facilities for research and experiment, C its research excellence in fundamental and applied research.There are4 national key disciplines including Chinese External Medicine,Chinese Materia Medica,Chinese Internal Medicine, and Traditional Chinese Orthopedic and Traumatology.In addition, there are 38 key disciplines that are supported by StateAdministration of TCM, 3 key laboratories supported by the Ministry of Education,and 1 engineering research center also supported by Ministry of Education. In the 2012 National Assessment of Level-1 disciplines,Chinese Materia Medica was ranked No.1 , ChineseMedicine No.2 and Integrative Medicine No. 3.

SUTCM has established extensive cooperative relations with many prestigious universities around the world. Forexample, SUTCM joined hands with Georgia Regents University to build a TCMConfucius Institute in America. Moreover, SUTCM is also one of WHO’sInternational Acupuncture Training Centers and International Traditional Medicine Education Centers in China.

Currently, there are 3 comprehensive hospitals(Shuguang Hospital, LonghuaHospital, and Yueyang Hospital) that are directly affiliated with SUTCM. Eachof them has a full range of facilities and distinctive strength in clinicaltreatment, making them first-rate TCM hospitals in the country with regard tocomprehensive medical capacity and treatment effectiveness in both TCM andIntegrative medicine. Apart from these 3 hospitals, there are another 2hospitals that are indirectly affiliated with SUTCM(Putuo Hospital, andShanghai Hospital of TCM).

Adhering to the university motto of "Diligence, Benevolence, Truth,Innovation" , SUTCM strives to enhance its characteristic disciplines andwork toward the goal of becoming a top TCM university with unique strength inresearch/teaching, and extensive international cooperation.