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Cindy Lu Canada

Hello, my name is Cindy Lu. I am a 5th year studentfrom Vancouver, Canada. My five years at SHUTCM have been characterized by thepeople around me. I have met many interesting individuals here, they include mypeers from other countries, local Chinese students I met through student clubs,professors, and doctors...many of whom are now my closest friends, each withtheir own story and set of beliefs. What better way to gain a new perspectiveon how to use herbs than discussing it with a 75 year-old doctor? Time flies when studying in Shanghai.I know that I have learned from the people around me. I know that I have grownand become a trained medical professional. During my internship at Shu-GuangHospital this year, it is the day-to-day excitement of meeting new patients andlearning different ways of thinking like a doctor that makes each day uniqueand worthwhile.

The opportunity for personal growth at SHUTCM is immense. I could not be morethankful.

Hello my name Saish and I am from India!

I came to Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2010. Since then I have been studying here. During the first two years I was studying Chinese. And the amazing thing about the teachers here is that they turned a non-Chinese speakerinto a fluent Chinese speaker! With their help, I started my undergraduate programin Acupuncture and Tuina in 2012. At the beginning with all the new conceptsand Chinese lectures it was hard to digest because the ways of teaching and examination are significantly different from Indian system.  But the subjects taught here are very interesting.

At the beginning when I looked at the thickness of the book I didn’t want to studyat all but as the teacher started to teach I realized that what we need tomaster or what we will use practically not necessarily be available in the textbook. Chinese medicine mostly relies on clinical experience and the laws ofnature. Even the exams are different here; I thought they would be difficult asthey are back in India. Actually the teachers will help us review all thecourses before we have an exam. So the exams are no more annoying. Secondlythis type of system gives preference to acquiring knowledge over marks in exam.

Initially when I saw tons of western medicine courses, I was confused Icame here to study Chinese medicine or western medicine, but later I realizedthat Chinese and western medicine are inseparable like yin and yang.

Another thing about school is that every year the school organizes various events like sports,cultural festival, various competitions etc. Only studying medicine nothingelse doesn’t work in today’s world does it? The key is balance! In conclusion Ilike studying in shanghai university of TCM!