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Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine held Education Exhibition in Belarus


On 14th June, China's higher education exhibition  ended in Minsk capital of Belarus . It lasted two days. Shanghai university of traditional Chinese medicine and other 17 Chinese famous university participated in the exhibition.

This is the second China Scholarship Council held China's higher education exhibition in Minsk. Education minister of Belarus Sergei Musk gave a speech on the opening ceremony on 13th. Hope to further strengthen cooperation and maintail close exchange between the two countries.

Chinese ambassador of Belarus Qiming Cui said, cooperation in the field of education is very important for exchange of China and Belarus. Relationship between these two countries depends on the exchanges and cooperation of youth between the two countries. Higher education is good for students from both countries to learn from each other, make progress together.

This exhibition attracted hundreds of students and parents to visit and learn the status of the higher education in China. Booth of Shanghai university of TCM is attracted many students who are interested in the Chinese traditional culture, traditional Chinese medicine.

During the China's higher education exhibition, Belarus children who have studied Chinese also perform   poetry reading and Chinese song for visitors.