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Acupuncture and Tuina Competition held in Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine ------Especially for International Students


On 24th May, Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine held “Acupuncture and Tuina (Chinese Massage) Competition” especially for international students.

We hold this competition to motivate the international students’ enthusiasm, improve students’ practice of Chinese medicine and cultivate splendid students in Chinese medicine. And we hope to transmit the culture of Chinese medicine all over the world through this annul competition.

After this competition, the professionals will analysis the problems reflected in this competition. And the university will bring new ideas to the teaching methods and teaching methodologies. It will also lay foundation for Chinese Medicine Education.

More than 30 international students from International College of Shanghai University of T.C.M take part in this competition. The competition covers methods and practice of Tuina and different acupuncture points. And this competition will be the bridge between international students and Chinese students on culture education.

Best wishes for our students to get good achievement in this competition and get more practice!