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FAQ about scholarship application


Q: How apply for Shanghai government scholarship (B)

A: 1.Application website: www.study-shanghai.org for online application.

2.For non-Chinese-origin students, they need to submit graduation certificates of highest education level, official transcripts, study plan in China, recommendation letters, various certifications of awards as well as the HSK transcript.

3.Important notice: Please click “Shanghai Government Scholarships for International Students”, this will link to application for both scholarship and school. Please notice if you’re aiming to apply for scholarship, you need to click the following button,  

If you click , the scholarship application will be skipped.

Q: How to apply for Shanghai government scholarship (C)

A: Application Period: at the end of every semester


1. Applicant has studied at Chinese Language Education Center of International Education College in Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine for more than one semester, and hasn’t applied for suspending and retaining his or her status as a student at last semester, pay tuition in specific time as the full-time language student.

2. Applicant should abide by laws and rules of Chinese Government obey principles and regulations and comply with the academic arrangements of Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

3. Applicant who has active attitude of study is diligent and hardworking with good academic record.

4. Applicant should take an active part in public activities and social practices organized by local communities in Shanghai, Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and International Education College of Shanghai University of TCM.

Application Materials:

1) Class C scholarship application form in duplicate;

2) Academic record and other relevant materials