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International Communications in Nursing Specialty


In recent days , Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine hosted a symposium on long -term care, LTC.This symposium attracted more than 200 campus faculties and International students .Professor.Wu Bei from School of International research in Duke University gave a specific speech on this topic.

This symposium focuses on research in nursing specialty, the present audience went on a hot discuss after the speech.Based on the severe situation of the global ageing populations, professor.Wu Bei talked about the policy regulation, instutite development, personnel allocation and related services both in China and America.Students at present thus got a overall knowledge of the global situation in nursing speciality.

This kind of International communication is of great influence among International students in Shanghai University of Traditonal Chinese Medicine.Students always gather to the symposium to realize some related information in their field,thus service better in their own country and spread Chinese featured nursing in worldwide.