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The Great Praises in Cultural Exchange Activities in Brazil


Being invited by the Brazilian federal government folk art Cooperation Committee in early August, members from the education alliance of martial arts of SUTCM (Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine) participated in New Plata International Folk Art Festival cultural activities in 2014, this alliance spread the culture of Chinese medicine and artistic charm in Brazil.

During their stay in Brazil, the alliance have successively performed together with different arts performing  groups from South Africa, Colombia, Russia, Brazil, Paraguay, Sakha and other countries. The cultural exchange activities, bridging the interaction and friendship between youth in China and the world through spreading Chinese culture, has won widespread praise at home and abroad.

Martial arts program from SUTCM was praised as the best stunning performances, and has participated in series of performances in different local areas, for instance, the new Brazilian Plata International Folk Art Festival, the new Plata Council conference, Shengkuluzi stadium performances, handicraft exhibitions and book fairs, street carnival and parties. After the end of each show, there are always many local people and friends from around the world asking for signature, experience exchange and posing for pictures. This alliance prepared and well-rehearsed "Chinese charm," "Tai Chi Imagery" and several other collective projects and individual performances, The "China charm" show combined the Chinese Wushu Changquan, Tai Chi, Nan Quan, fencing , broadsword, whip, etc. together, presenting the hardness and softness of Chinese Kong Fu and reflecting the essence of martial arts; The "Tai Chi Imagery" focuses a fan as the weapon and absorbs the essence of Tai Chi ,showing the harmonious integration of man and nature, man and society through series of coherent actions and moves.

The rendition of Tai Chi exercises was accompanied by acupuncture, massage and other techniques demonstration, participants from different colors around the world flocked to experience and reacted strongly. The profound Chinese medicine pushed the culture exchange activities to a climax. And the alliance received many consults on the spot, attracting a great number of students’ interests in Traditional Chinese Medicine Cure.