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Cultural Exchange Group from Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine won great praise for spreading Chinese Culture during their studying visit to USA


July 2014, 25 members of 2014 Summer Season Cultural Exchange Groups from Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine paid a studying visit to St. Martin's universities in America for cultural exchange. During this visit, the exchange group set up a three-day Chinese language and culture summer camp for sixty 5-12 year-olds in Lacey Seattle. Seattle "The Olympian” reported on July 28 on their headlines: Children doing the summer camp in St. Martin's University enjoyed an great time with exchange students from China, they learn Tai Chi, making crafts, learning to speak Chinese figures..., all these teachers are students from Shanghai University of Chinese medicine.

Members of the delegation were carefully prepared before departure: colorful handicrafts, sleek story comics, martial arts and Chinese characteristics, vivid slide producers and so on. These teachers simplified the teaching with entertainment when they were spreading Chinese calligraphy, paper cutting and the dragon mask producing technology. The Tai Chi moves and actions were described as "push the candy", "pat the dog" and other vivid expressions, so American children experience the magic of Chinese culture in a relaxed atmosphere.

In this cultural summer camp, this group of Chinese Traditional Medicine students makes China and American cultures interwork together in mutual respect and mutual tolerance atmosphere. Students of the delegation felt that the American education advocates individuality and focuses on the development; also, they felt a more profound responsibility and the arduous task of the inheritance of TCM pharmaceutical culture.