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Enter the black and white world of Chinese painting and calligraphy


On December 19, 2014, Institute of International Education Language Teaching Center organized “Chinese calligraphy and painting experience" activities. The world of Black and white lines of ink attracted more than 30 students from Germany, USA, Brazil, South Korea, Thailand, Japan, Italy, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and other countries to participate in the experience. under the guidance of teacher Cheng Jie, students have become attached ink, began a wonderful journey of calligraphy and painting.


Calligraphy and Chinese characters, and paper and ink, brush, write and brush, Cheng teacher illustrations, introduced one by one, with his right. The first strokes on the paper, starts from the basic strokes. White rice paper smudged black lines, thick or thin, short or long, but did not affect the enthusiasm of writing students. Copying characters is a bigger challenge, students exercise one by one with intolerance, Chinese characters written in the red paper couplets have a kind of mold.


Write and optimal. teacher chen introduced students how to paint the panda and bamboo in the sector. Students are encouraged and inspired, can not wait to free creation. Soon appeared all forms on the sector, vivid panda, some students also inscriptions dated in the sector, painting and calligraphy perfect fusion.




        Black and white world of the Chinese painting and calligraphy is profound and implication of infinity. The event provided a starting point for students to understand the basic strokes of Chinese characters and writing skills , show them the unique charm of Chinese calligraphy and painting, international students had a more profound understanding about ancient and profound traditional Chinese culture in the sense.And inspire them continue to explore China's traditional culture, interest and enthusiasm.