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Innovation of TCM Originates from Inheritance --the Launch of Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine “Innovation Learning Studio”



Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine officially launched the “Innovation Learning Studio” with the theme of “Prioritizing Inheritance and Emphasizing Innovation” on Dec.31st, 2014. Vice-president Mr.JiGuang delivered an ebullient address on the opening ceremony. He pointed out that the development of TCM cause relies on scientific researches and innovation and that innovation originates from and prioritizes inheritance, and is founded on the cultivation of talents and that the development shouldproceed step by step in an orderly way.

The lectures and learning experience offered by “Innovation Learning Studio” will be categorized into several theme modules. They are: traditional Chinese Medicine theory learning, on-the-spot investigation of scientific research base, innovation ability building and project tutor guidance. In order to integrate theory with practice, and to enhance the learners’ ability and operative skills, the studio will invite 973 principal scientists and “1000 talents project” scientists as well as other academic gurus to give face-to-face lectures about academic pursuit and the way of being. It will introduce the idea of “creativity training battalion” and undertakes round-the-clock innovative experiments. Simultaneously, the studio will explore the on-line “third classroom”. It will utilize Yiban website and enable more students to learn about innovation through on-line synchronous learning.