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Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Held Professor Xu Shuzhen special contribution honors ceremony in Sino-Thai TCM education cooperation


November 26 afternoon, “Sino-Thai cooperation in medical education special contribution honors” ceremony was held at the International Cooperation Center of Shanghai Traditional Chinese Medicine University.  Huachiew chalermprakiet University, President Ye yaosheng, Vice President and Chief Medical College Dean Wu Laipan and other representatives of Thailand; hanghai University of Traditional Chinese president Xu Jianguang, former president Professor Yan Shiyun, Vice President Shi Jianrong, Hu Hongyi, as well as Thai students, the International Institute of Education Teachers representatives of nearly a hundred people attended the ceremony. Xu Jianguang awarded honorary certificates and medals for Xu shuzhen, former president of Thailand Huachiew chalermprakiet University. 

Found by Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine University and Huachiew chalermprakiet University, Sino-Thai TCM undergraduate education project formally implemented in September 2003, and first recruit students in 2004, is Thailand's first undergraduate program in Chinese medicine. In 11 years’ Cooperation, Shanghai university of traditional Chinese medicine sent nearly hundred people of outstanding teachers in teaching of traditional Chinese medicine course, open to receive thousands of Thai students to clinical practice base graduation practice of Shanghai university of TCM. Under the joint efforts, showed a steady upward trend in enrollment, to explore a win-win model of international cooperation in Chinese medicine education, has been to Thailand has cultivated nearly 300 professionals of Chinese medicine, play the part of demonstration role for the internationalization of Chinese medicine education development.

project founder Professor Xu Shuzhen and Professor Yan Shiyun promoted two schools’ cooperation in traditional Chinese medicine education, open the Thai local TCM undergraduate education. To this end, Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine awarded Professor Xu Shuzhen " Sino-Thai cooperation in medical education special contribution honor."

After the ceremony, the two schools jointly held a symposium of Sino-Thai cooperation in medical education. Both sides put forward opinions and suggestions on the future expansion of Sino-Thai cooperation in traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine education leading ASEAN development issues.