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2014 Shanghai Summer School of "Tai Chi" experience


Tai Chi is a kind of martial arts, which is internally and externally, soft, slow, ethereal, hardness and softness. Inheritance of boxing form various ages, combined with the change of yin and yang, the ancient guided surgery and breathing technique and form, It is the historic tradition of Chinese folk sports, one of the best Chinese cultural heritage.

More than thirty students from different countries through Chinese cultural experience activities—shadow boxing "Shanghai Summer School of Traditional Chinese Medicine Project" to experience and feel the wonders of Chinese martial arts and the "yin and yang" profound balance.

Wushu coach in superb performances, the students began to experience the activities. The Coach’s reserved style, continuous, dealt with gently, Jihuan white, smooth writing style of Boxing shows a highest level of meaning, gas, shape and God gradually blend together. Tai Chi training requirements for Takenori practitioners while also making people improve their physical literacy as well as individual accomplishment, And also enhance harmony and harmony between man and nature, man and society.

Cultural differences make international students may not be able to understand the mystery of Taiji immediately, but they showed great interest. Finally it comes the students turn to play, one bigger way they imitate the teacher's every move. Thought this soft, slowly one by one and do not need take much effort, but after just ten minutes of exercise, several students have been tired and sweating.

Two hours of tai chi experience was over soon. Students had a great time but is reluctant to leave the practice room. I saw several of them get together to practice, discuss and explore each study guiding by the book according to the requirements of the coach training with boxing style. After the event, students have said that this activity is very interesting, they are eager to have the opportunity to study tai chi in depth.

The Tai Chi Experience not only shows the subtlety of Chinese martial art, but also spread Chinese traditional culture to international students, making friends by Tai Chi, to establish a good platform for friendship bridges with international students.