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Chinese Medicine Preparatory Program

Chinese Medicine Preparatory Program

1.    Orientation

This featured program is designed for students who plan to learn Undergraduate Program of Chinese Medicine or those who are interested in getting to know traditional Chinese medical culture.

2.Curriculum Introduction



Comprehensive Chinese

An Introduction of TCM Chinese

Reading Comprehension Part

Introduction of Tuina Manipulation

Health care Physical Education

An Introduction of TCM Chinese·Reading Comprehension Part

An Introduction of TCM Chinese·Intensive reading

An Introduction of Chemistry

















Transferrable Credits








Course Features:

?           About 15 students one class, teachers can focus on each student, they will get more opportunities to practice.

?         Courses include Chinese language and information on traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). This program will equip students with a larger vocabulary and specialized TCM knowledge. In the meantime, this program will greatly improve students’ abilities in listening, speaking, reading and writing TCM-related Chinese

?         Students completing the class hours and passing all the examinations will be qualified to register in the Undergraduate Program for Chinese Medicine without the HSK level 4 certificate. All credits of T.C.M related courses are transferable when applying for the Undergraduate Program for Chinese Medicine.


                Language Practice and Cultural Experience

?         Chinese cultural activities will be held every month each term. These include Chinese paper-cuts, Chinese-knot making, Beijing Opera mask painting, Chinese calligraphy introduction and celebrations of traditional Chinese festivals (rice dumpling making on Dragon Boat Festival, mooncake making on Mid-Autumn Festival, etc.)

?         Each term, students will be arranged to visit historical and cultural sights in or around Shanghai.

?         Activities will be held each term, such as Ping-Pong game, badminton game, Chinese speech contest, Chinese show competition, etc.

    Rich and colorful cultural experience and language practical activities aim to help students know Chinese culture deeply, learn happily in a relax, active and multicultural environment.

3 .Registration Period

?           Spring Semester:               March in 2016-July in 2016

?           Fall Semester:    September in 2016-January in 2017

Students who are admitted could apply for Residence Permit (study) .Chinese Medicine preparatory program have to offer their Study Visa.

4. Address

    International Education Center, Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Number 1200 Cai Lun Road, Pudong Area, Shanghai.

5. Arrangement for the dormitory






Number 280 Hua Tuo Road,Building 3-4

Single room(1st-11th floor)

About 1500 rmb/month

Room facing south obtains balcony

20 rmb will be added for every extra floor

Double room(12th-13th floor)

About 1800rmb/month

Room facing south obtains balcony

20 rmb will be added for every extra floor

Number 280 Hua Tuo Road,Building 18-22

Double room

About 1200rmb/year

All the rooms obtain balcony, public bathroom and kitchen

No fee for extra floors.

Rent for the AC is about 400rmb/year

More details: The fee for electricity and water belongs to students’ own expense; Beddings have to be prepared by the students themselves. If the standard for the fee of the dormitory has any change, it will be carried out with the new standard.


6.Application time

?           Spring semester  Overseas: Before January 30th in 2016 ; Domestics: Before March 4th in 2016

?           Fall semester     Overseas: Before July 31th in 2016; Domestics: Before August 31th in 2016

7.Registration Materials

?         SHUTCM foreign student application form

?         Copy of passport

?         3 two-inch photos

?         Copy of highest School Diploma

?         Copy of HSK 3 for those who apply for the Advanced Course

?         Invoice of the application fee

?         Digital picture:               Document name & format: PASSPORT NAME.JPG

                                                       Background color: blue or white

                            Resolution ratio: greater than 300 pixels/inch

Other requirement: bareheaded

Please sent it to iec.admissions@shutcm.edu.cn

After receiving the application documents, the university will examine the material and send out Admission Notice and Study Visa Application Form (JW202 )

8.Ways for application

Search the website:

?           Register the account with email address

?           Fill in the information

?           Apply for the program

?           Upload the document(photo-pixel should be more than 300,type for jpg/png/pdf)

?           Passport(Format:Passport name-Passport)

?           Certificate for academic degree(Format:Passport name-Certificate)

?           Transcript(Format:Passport name-Transcript)

?           Photo(white/blue background) (Format:Passport name-Photo)

?           Resume(Format:Passport name-CV)


?         Application fee: 450 RMB

?         Tuition fee: Comprehensive Chinese: 11,000RMB per semester

?         Students are free to select courses according to their personal academic needs, please check the attached files for the corresponding tuition fee. 2016 Full-Time Curriculum of Chinese Language Education Center,International Education College, Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

?         Purchase fee for textbooks

(Students can purchase textbooks according to their needs)


     Students who have finished the language classes for at least one semester and will continue to study for the professional degree of our campus or Chinese Medicine preparatory program are qualified for the application of “Golden Key Scholarship” or “Silk Road” Assistance Fund.

11. Graduation and Certificate:

     Students can get the Certificate of Completion after they finish the period of curriculum and pass the exam.


?         Venue for application: Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine International Education College, 2nd Floor, Admission Office

?         Address: Number 1200 Cai Lun Road, Pudong Area, Shanghai.

?         Telephone: (86 21) 51322255; Fax: (86 21) 51322285

?         Email: iec.admissions@shutcm.edu.cn

?         University Bank Account:

Account Name: Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Bank Name: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Dong’an Road Branch

Bank Address:   No.520, Wan Pin Nan Rd., Shanghai, China   200032

Account No. :  1001239109004636961




1.2016 Full-Time Chinese Language Curriculum for foreign students

2.Rules of Implementation of golden key scholarship of International Education College of Shanghai College of Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

3.Implementing Regulations on Management of "Silk Road" Assistance Fund for Preparatory Program of International Education College of Shanghai College of Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

December, 20145.